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Terms & Conditions

All artwork is your own original creation.

Any quotes are attributed to the source.

You certify that the work in this submission form does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.
You understand that infringement always triggers disqualification and removal of content, even if it's discovered after the work has been published.

You expressly agree that I Am A Voter WI and its affiliates shall not be liable and you agree to release and indemnify I Am A Voter WI for any expenses related to any disputes or errors concerning artistic conception, ownership, or any other matters relating to the ownership and rights granted herein as they relate to any of the accepted works.


You understand that your submission must remain nonpartisan.

You understand that I Am A Voter WI may remove partisan content that endorses a candidate or political party, or content that includes hate speech or violence of any kind

You agree that I Am A Voter WI and its affiliates may share your submission online or in print.

You understand that violating any of the terms and conditions or not following the submission guidelines will result in disqualification.

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